June 2006-Nursing Controversy

june-2006.jpg The June 2006 is really an unforgettable month and year to remember. This is when my first child Aicen was born two days after the controversial June 11-12, 2006 Nursing Licensure Exams. Sad to imagine that we, nurses of June 2006 suffered a lot to the image tainted by Nursing Leakage Scam. Resenting, what if I am a December passer like my husband and other colleagues, are we as lucky as they are today? It has been a long, hard road for us, June 2006 Passers of the Nursing Licensure Examination to be really called “Registered Nurses” and at last the issue has been cleared (hopefully). I took the voluntary retake initiated by DOLE not only because I really wanted to work as an USRN but because I want to prove to everybody and to myself that I’m capable of passing the retake no matter how many times I take it. At first, I’m torn between two options: 1. Retake all (Test I-V) and give up my PRC license as if I never passed 2. Retake of Test III and V only to comply with the qualifications issued by the US Commission on Graduates of a Foreign Nursing School (CGFNS) without surrendering the lisence which was previously granted. It only varies if you can work to US mainland as RN or not. I chose the option two because during that time I have an upcoming job opportunity at a famous hospital in Alabang. If I’m not fortunate enough to pass, that’s the only time I’m going to put my license at risk. But things seem to work out just fine. It is our moment to shine but at this time we are the loosers no more!
Here are some of my collected articles regarding the nursing scam. My papa asked me why bother to keep an enormously bad memory. I said to him that this is a part of a brand new history and again I’m a part of it. So why not keep it, eventhough it was horrible still it is a memory one can never forget.

Excerpt from www.dole.gov.ph 

dolelogo.gifRepublic of the Philippines
Department of Labor and Employment
Professional Regulation Commission (Board of Nursing)
Intramuros, Manila

RESULTS of the June 11, 2007 DOLE-initiated voluntary retake examination of Tests III and V of the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE)

Pursuant to Executive Order No. 609 Series of 2007, the Department of Labor and Employment, in coordination with the Board of Nursing of the Professional Regulation Commission, is pleased to release the OFFICIAL RESULTS of the June 11, 2007 DOLE-initiated voluntary retake examination of Tests III and V of the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE). The retake examination was initiated by the DOLE to qualify our licensed nurses under the June 2006 NLE to the grant of US VisaScreen Certificate.A total of 13,338 nurses licensed under the June 2006 NLE took the voluntary retake examination and 9,198 or 68.96% passed. The rest (4,140) failed to meet the passing grade of at least 75% in both Tests III and V. Results of the voluntary retake examination will not affect their status as licensed nurses. Those who failed will simply not qualify for US VisaScreen Certificate issued by the US Commision on Graduates of a Foreign Nursing School (CGFNS).

List of successful examinees: Names in alphabetical order (LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME)







Excerpt from the Philippine Daily Inquirer

June 2007 nursing board exams result out

PRC hopes it brings closure to leak scandal

By Veronica Uy
Last updated 07:58pm (Mla time) 08/26/2007

 MANILA, Philippines– (UPDATE) More than two months after some 80,000 nursing students graduates took the the June 2007 licensure exams, the results are out, chairperson Leonor Rosero-Tripon of the Professioal Regulation Commission told INQUIRER.net in a phone interview Sunday. She said the passing rate for first-time takers, repeaters, and voluntary examinees is 48.18 percent or a total of 31,275 of the 64,909; for those who re-took the exam as per a decision of the Court of Appeals, 73.8 percent or a total of the 248 of the 336; and for those who re-took tests 3 and 5 as per a decision by the United States’ Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS), 68.9 percent of some 13,000. “This brings a closure” to the leakage scandal of the June 2006 nursing board exams, she said.Aside from CGFNS observers who monitored the exam preparations and the exam proper, agents of the National Bureau of Investigation were with the members of the Board of Nursing and the 17 PRC staff all throughout the process, Tripon said.She noted that the BoN members and the PRC staff involved in the June 2007 nursing board exams were also placed under an 11-day quarantine to ensure that this year’s exams would be respected by all.

Last year’s exams were mired in controversy; large chunks of the exam were leaked to examinees reviewing with certain review centers. The controversy caused the Senate to launch an inquiry, led to a court case, and finally reached the US CGFNS.

DOLE to handle voluntary re-take of nursing exam
Saturday, February 24, 2007

Labor and Employment Secretary Arturo D. Brion clarified today the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is taking the initiative to offer the voluntary retake of Test 3 and 5 of the June 2006 Nursing Exam. Her said it will be in its capacity as the Department has supervision and control over the professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and is coordinating with the Board of Nursing (BON).

“The re-take is in a manner that would avoid any question about the validity of the licenses the PRC issued pursuant to the June 2006 nursing exam,” Brion said. “This will also serve as a measure to enhance our nurses’ employability.”

CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) head Barbara Nichols spoke by telephone yesterday to Chairman Leonor Rosero of PRC to confirm that the CGFNS decision on the Visa Screen Certificate and the retake is final.

Based on the draft Executive Order that the DOLE presented to Malacañang, the DOLE acting through the BON and using the administrative processes of the PRC, shall handle the re-take exam. The application and other administrative processes in the examination shall be undertaken through the PRC.

The BON shall prepare the regular examination questions which shall contain the equivalent of Tests III and V of the June 2006 examination. It will also administer the exam under PRC supervision of the regular nursing examinees and under joint DOLE-PRC supervision for the voluntary examinees.

“The re-take shall be on a voluntary basis and shall be offered once to an examinee who may take it either in June or December 2007 Board of Nursing examinations,” Brion said.

He made it clear that the re-take shall not require any waiver of the results of the June 2006 exam results, and will not require the surrender of the license previously granted.

Brion also said that the BON shall handle the correction of the examination papers and the tabulation of results for both the regular and voluntary examinees, but shall report the results of the voluntary re-take directly to the DOLE.

He said that he and the chair of the BON shall be the ones to release to the public the names of the voluntary examinees who will pass the Tests III and V re-take. They will also be the ones to notify the individual examinees and they will furnish the CGFNS with the official results and other information on the regularity of the voluntary re-take as the CGFNS may require.

Excerpt from http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=politics1_oct27_2006 E. Requejo

CA okays oathtaking of nurses


The Court of Appeals has approved the oathtaking of all the 17,000 nursing graduates who have passed the June licensure examinations.

All parties in the controversial examination have reached an agreement to allow the oathtaking of the nurses during a conciliatory and mediation meeting presided over by Associate Justice Vicente Veloso of the Court of Appeals First Division.

Among those present during the meeting were officials of the Professional Regulation Commission, Board of Nursing, the Office of the Solicitor General, counsels for petitioners (nursing graduates) and respondents (owners of review centers) and intervenors.

Veloso informed the litigants that the Court of Appeals has no intention of issuing any more injunction to stop the nurses’ oathtaking.

The commission will set the date of the oathtaking. Following charges of massive cheating during the June exams, the government ordered the nursing graduates to retake the test but they opposed it and went to court. Charges of leak involving certain review centers and officials of the Nursing Board prompted the National Bureau of Investigation to look into the controversy.

The appellate court called on all parties to a conciliatory and mediation meeting last Oct. 25 as recommended of Labor Secretary Arturo Brion.

In his letter submitted to the appellate court, Brion urged the CA to consider the use of mediation approach in resolving the controversy involving the NLE leakage.

Brion said that mediation process has proven successful in resolving cases while he was still a CA justice.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the House committee on labor and employment yesterday urged the government to mount a vigorous effort to convince the American National Council of State Boards of Nursing to reconsider its decision not to accredit Filipino nurses who have been affected by the licensure examination controversy.

Rep. Roseller Barinaga of Zamboanga del Norte said the government must appeal to the NCSBN to defer its action until all legal moves have been made about the massive cheating during the exams last June.

The government wanted to require all examinees to retake the test but some of the successful passers have blocked the plan in court. A final ruling is expected soon. At least 42,000 took the exams and only 17,000 passed.

“They [nursing graduates] are being punished thrice over for something they had nothing to do with. They have become victims of circumstance. Worse, this shows how the Philippines’ image, particularly of our nurses, had been badly damaged by the anomaly,” Barinaga said. With Joel M. Sy Egco

Excerpt from Manila Bulletin Online

Retake of nursing exams optional, says PRC



This was the decision announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) over the alleged leakage of the June 2006 Nurses Licensure Examination (NLE) , allowing examinees who are willing to retake the exams in December to avoid the ‘’stigma’’ that is being associated with the recent batch of examinees.
“We will allow a retake but will not impose it upon those who are not willing , provided they will execute a waiver. They will not choose the higher grade, only take the next grade as their grade,” PRC Commissioner Avelina dela told participants of the dialogue and consultative meeting with deans and other nursing leaders at the PRC premises yesterday.

PRC chairperson Leonor Rosero stressed that the PRC is pursuing the registration of the board passers, and consequently, the oathtaking, amid the cheating controversy.

“We will go on with the oathtaking. Those who failed the exams will be allowed to take it again without any record of failure,” she said.

An alleged leak on the test questions on the recent NLE has caused mixed reactions from the education sector, students and even some government officials.

A review center was implicated to have been the source of the leakage but the review center denied the allegations. Previous reports said that the leaked questions came from the manuscripts of two members of the board of nursing (BoN).

A total of 42,006 nursing graduates took the exam last June 11 and 12 and 17, 821 passed it.

Four members of the BoN have recently tendered their resignations including chairman Eufemia Octaviano and members Remedios L. Fernandez, Letty G. Kwan, Estelita T. Galutira. Two BoN members, Virginia Madeja and Anesia Dionisio who were implicated in the said leakage were earlier asked by PRC to go on a leave of absence. Subsequently, PRC has suspended all their monthly honoraria and had filed administrative charges against them.

Dela Rea said two nursing board members submitted their intention to vacate their posts only last Friday However, PRC has not yet accepted their resignations. “If we accept their resignation, we might lose our hold on them. How can we penalize them then?” she said.

Rosero hits back at those who are asking for the resignation of PRC officials.

“Sino naman ang ipapalit samin? Magagalit naman ang ibang propesyon pagnagresign kami since nursing is just one of the 42 professions that we take care of. Isa pa, hindi galing sa PRC ang leakage,” Rosero said.

Dela Rea suggested that legislators must devise regulations on test review centers compelling them to submit names of their reviewees and to make review classes a part of the curriculum before the graduation of students. The proposal also included the hiring of test items writers on a part-time of fulltime basis.


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